Apps – December 2013

In a constant search for the latest apps to help your business function more efficiently and safely David Dungay has been looking at some of the most innovative apps of today. If its security measures or simply handy tools for your everyday working life then you’ll find something here for you.


Thought the fax was dead? Think again, the eFax iPad app allows you to send and receive faxes to keep up with your stone aged clients. A free account lets you receive a small number of faxes but once you upgrade to a plus or pro account then you can fax send and receive faxes until the cows come home. In a recent statement The Year 1982 said “errr hello, can I have my technology back?” Currently available on iOS for free.


Those smaller businesses wanting to make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution should check out iSimplyConnect. It’s fast, easy to deploy and pretty cheap. Free to download and packages start at $15 per month.

Network Toolbox

Network Toolbox is pretty much self explanatory, it basically turns your iOS device into a network toolbox….ta dah! It is full of networking utilities that can analyse and troubleshoot a network and it runs smoothly and looks the part too. Currently only £2.49 in the App Store.


Thought the age of handwriting was dead? Fear not, Penultimate is a handwriting app for the iPad that aims to replace your pen with your index finger. The app supports basic note taking, presentation features, unlimited notebooks and lots of sharing options to go with. After all the finger is mightier than the pen! Available on iOS for free.

LogMeIn Ignition

This handy little app allows you to directly control your Mac or PC from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can use your programs, files and anything else as you normally would when in from of your PC. You can even run business applications like Salesforce and Office. Available on iOS, packages start from free.

Print n Share

Don’t you hate it when you need to print something from your phone and have to go through the rigmarole of emailing yourself and then printing it from your computer?! Print n Share allows you to print directly to most Wi-Fi/wireless printers without any extra software. You can also print over 3G and in corporate networks when Wi-Fi is not available. Available on iOS for £4.99.

Photogene – For Fun

Photogene is a photo editing tool that allows you to crop and straighten, adjust color settings, apply filters, add text bubbles and apply other special effects to your photos. The program supports photos up to 5 megapixels and enables you to upload photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or e-mail. Available on iOS for £0.69.

AirDisplay 1.2 for iPad – Editors Pick

Are you jealous of your multi-monitored work colleagues? Don’t be with AirDisplay! You can now hitch up your iPad as a second display and see your productivity soar. Alternatively you could put Twitter, Youtube or any other potentially work distracting websites on there and hope you don’t get fired! Available on iOS for £6.99

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