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In a constant search for the latest apps to help your business function more efficiently and safely David Dungay has been looking at some of the most innovative apps of today. If you are after apps to organise your travel arrangements or allow you extra flexibility on the move then you will find something here for you.


Many business folk have defected away from the traditional comfort zone of Microsoft Office to the forward thinking arms of Google Docs. Managing your documents in the cloud is easily done via GDocs which gives you access to Google Docs online, you can view and edit documents through a Web browser. Currently GDocs can edit text documents and view spreadsheets and PDF files. GDocs can view your documents online or download the text files for editing (and sync them back when you’re done). The app lacks advanced formatting options, but it’s a promising start considering that the program is still in beta. Available on Android for free.


IT managers and network admins, this app is for you. With ServerUp, you can find out instantly if your server is in good health. It works over 3G and Wi-Fi, and you can choose how often it updates you. ServerUp supports ping, traceroute, and whois functions; it also allows you to enter multiple host names and port numbers. Additionally, you can enable and disable specific hosts, a convenient feature for users who work on LANs via Wi-Fi and manage local computers. Available on Android for £1.89

Tempo Smart Calendar

This app looks at calendar items and then searches for relevant data stored in other apps, including Exchange, Gmail, Word, PowerPoint, social networks, etc. IF you had a meeting for example Tempo could search for related information and bundle it all in one place with the event. It could pick out things like email strings, documents and location info. It also has pre populated message functions which allow you to ping emails to clients if you are going to be a little late or need to change the plan slightly. If this were a conference call, the app would manage the dial-in info and passcodes. Since this is AI-based (artificial intelligence), the more you use it, the better it should get. Available on iOS for free.


Onvelop is an iPad unified collaboration and communication app that gives you enterprise mobility and BYOD capabilities through secure access to Office 365, SharePoint and Lync. Using licensed Microsoft protocols to enable mobile access to enterprise server software, the app provides employees with the flexibility they need to work and communicate with their own iPhones and iPads. Available on iOS and Android for £1.99


Smartsheet is an online project management/collaboration tool. With Smartsheet, you see an Excel-style interface that lets you invite collaborators, set controls, keep track of versions, set alarms, etc. Plan and manage every detail of executing your event, conference, or show: due dates, task completion status, budget, and actual spend. Easy to share and update with event team, remote colleagues, and key vendors. The mobile app lets users access any project from an iPhone or iPad, and it keeps everything in sync and up to date. Available on iOS for free.

Blue Jeans

Working in conjunction with the Blue Jeans video conferencing service, the Blue Jeans app lets users join multi-party video calls from iPhones and iPads. The cloud-based Blue Jeans video conferencing service works with most existing video conferencing systems (Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize TelePresence, Microsoft Lync, Skype, Google Video Chat, Jabber, and even standard audio) to create a unified video conferencing platform that allows users to keep using whatever they’re already comfortable with. With a 3G and Wi-Fi capable app, Blue Jeans app users can join video calls from practically anywhere. Available on iOS for free with a monthly tariff.

Private Wi-Fi – Editors Pick

Connecting to public Wi-Fi when abroad can be a risky game of Russian Roulette since most Wi-Fi signals are unencrypted. It still amazes me that many business travellers ignore this and still use them for important work that would be a disaster if it fell into the wrong hands. With Private Wi-Fi, you essentially become invisible to would-be hackers. Private Wi-Fi encrypts all data going into and out of your device, acting like a personal VPN. Traffic is routed through Private Wi-Fi’s secure servers. Private Wi-Fi also assigns you a temporary and random private IP address that cannot be traced through Private WiFi’s servers, nor can anyone find your real IP address or location. Available on iOS with plans starting at £1.49/ month.


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