Apps – July 2014

Navigating the business app world can be a minefield at the best of times. For small businesses that want a lot of flexibility there is a lot of choice out there but it is important to spend wisely. Here we examine some of the latest business apps that will help your company thrive in the modern world. 


When it comes to business accounting most people think of Quickbooks. Freshbooks is a versatile alternative which is a cloud based time measurement, expenses, invoices and online payments app. You can even link it to PayPal if you need to accept payments and it also integrates to other popular apps like Basecamp, Gmail and MailChimp. It is touted as a simple mans cloud accounting app… so if you are feeling a little confused by all the other software out there then give this one a whirl.Available on iOS and Android


CRM can be expensive and time consuming if you are new to the fray. Insightly is a web-based CRM tool designed specifically for the small business. It’s easy to use and does most things that a bigger name like Salesforce does. It also integrates with useful programs like Microsoft Outlook and has a free version for up to three employees. Try the free version and as your company grows and you have more contacts you start to pay for the service…there isn’t really a downside for a small business looking for a cheap solution!Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone


Keeping track of time is critical to maintaining efficiency in your business and Toggl does just that. It is an easy app to add clients and projects to and when you need to fill in those reports you can dictate the level of detail you need. You are also able to install widgets onto office computers which syncs with the app so you can see where you are spending your time in the office. Are you spending too much time on low priority projects? Find out now! Available on iOS and Android


Most people will have heard of Skype by now but you may not be using it on your mobile. Hold your video conferences through this free app and you may never look back. You will have to accept that as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. The quality can sometimes be poor but more often than not you will be able to use Skype from anywhere in the world that offers you the appropriate connectivity. You can use the service from your mobile or desktop and gives you the ultimate flexibility for zero cost!Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Square Register

Want a simple way to accept card payments? This handy widget plugs into your smartphone turns your smartphone or tablet into a mobile cash register. It securely encrypts customer’s details when you swipe their credit card and it links straight to your bank account. There is a 2.75% transaction fee for the business but for many the convenience factor will far outweigh the cost.Available on iOS and Android

Google Voice

This semi-free VoIP service is a great service which can be used straight out of your Gmail account. It is a step up from your other ‘free’ services because you can direct calls via multiple end points. Many people like to have their office, mobile and home phone ring all at once so they can pick up calls where ever they are. Whichever point you pick up from is the point that gets the line. It also comes with voicemail functionality which you don’t get with some other services. Available on Android



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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine