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Jabra Develops Sales App

The Jabra Business Tool tablet app is a virtual sales tool enabling Jabra partners to demonstrate Jabra’s portfolio to customers and to find the best Jabra product fit based on the customer’s needs and requirements.

Access to updated and current material is often an issue for today’s sales force. In an effort to counter any out of date sales and product information, the Jabra Business Tool, the iPad sales app, is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

“Empowering our partners to deliver the best possible service to their end-customers is at the core of our business model,” says Andrew Doyle, Jabra UK & Ireland Managing Director. “As a global company, the Jabra Business Tool is a unique opportunity for us to deliver a complete and always up-to-date sales tool to our partners – and fulfilling on our ever present promise of being easy to do business with.”

The app provides a significant advantage over web-based apps by embedding content, images and rich media within the app itself. The Jabra Business Tool ensures that product information and marketing collateral is available anytime and anywhere and is also easy to share. This is great additional service for partners when they are out on the road and it enables them to concentrate on what they do best, sell sell and sell some more!

Top of the Apps:

Dragon Dictation If you’d rather talk than text, you can use Dragon Dictation to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. A convenient editing feature lists suggested alternatives and has a voice driven correction interface. The transcriptions can be sent as SMS, email, or pasted into any application using the clipboard. On the Android, Dragon Mobile Assistant sends texts, makes calls and sets appointments. Available on Android and iOS.

Base is a CRM and Sales Tracking app. Base uses powerful simplicity to make sure you never lose track of the conversation. Track every lead and grab leads from social networks with a single clip. You can save all interactions in one place, automatically organising related deals, emails, calls, tasks, notes and files in a single, universal contact card. You can invite your team to work with you on current opportunities and share deals, contacts and notes. Free on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Sprout Social allows you to keep a eye on several different social media tools in one place. Staying organized “socially” can be tough. Sprout Social is a social media aggregator and publisher that helps you keep tabs on multiple Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You can also easily manage publishing content with the ability to draft, approve and schedule social media messages. The app comes with a monthly subscription to an online service.

WhatsApp The chances are you have already heard of WhatsApp but you probably aren’t using it in the office. WhatsApp allows you to group chat, share photos, screenshots, notes and export and save logs from chats too. It is a great tool for communicating around the office and is available on all major platforms.

For Fun!

Voice Changer Plus, got something to say but too afraid to say it? This may just give you that opportunity! Voice Changer Plus takes a recording of your voice and adds effects to it to make you sound like someone else. The jokes that can be played on colleagues with this are truly endless! Available from the App Store.



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