Apps – March 2014

This month I was treated to a demonstration of the mpro5 app. As businesses grow and flourish keeping a large workforce all operating efficiently is important, when you mobilise that workforce it can be a challenge to keep tabs on everyone. Mpro5 gives organisations the ability to schedule jobs to  smartphones, tablets & PDAs for staff working away from the office and can considerably cut down on paperwork in the process. Enjoy.


mpro5mpro5 is an enterprise class mobile business application available on Apple, Android and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets. mpro5 gives organisations the ability to schedule jobs to the smartphones, tablets & PDAs of staff working away from base from a mpro gemini cloud-based scheduling website (hosted with Windows Azure) and also allows for any paperwork to be converted into mobile forms, which users can complete on their mobile devices. Once jobs and forms have been completed all of the data synchronises back to their mpro gemini cloud-based website from where the data is collated and reports can be generated at the click of a button.

mpro5 is a service. Support is continually available to customers and since mpro5 is hosted with Windows Azure, businesses & organisations do not need any kind of infrastructure to use or run mpro5. It can also be up and running within a couple of weeks! It can also be configured to suit the needs of each customer. Features can be turned on or off with a simple click of the mouse enabling resellers to tailor the app to specific industries. Any organisation that has a team of staff working outside the office who are filling out paperwork, capturing data or completing jobs can use mpro5.

According to mpro significant savings can be made with the app from reduced admin, paper, post, ink, filing & fuel costs, no double entry data anymore, less administration time required, no more paperwork & handwriting errors, ‘real-time’ and immediate reporting…the list goes on.

Mpro5 contracts are currently three years which is a big plus for resellers that could retain their clients for longer periods of time. Resellers can opt for different revenue schemes but can expect to earn subsequent commission for mobile connections and can provide the hardware as part of the mpro5 service too.

Carol Stebbing, Hampshire County Council, uses mpro5 on ipads to carry out health & safety audits on iPads at 500 school sites in the area. Carol commented “We have been using mpro5 on iPads for over year now and would not consider going back to paper. The technology has more than fulfilled our original requirements, to such an extent that we are currently looking into other areas of our organisation that could benefit from the solution.”


Catch lets you harness your ideas and the ideas of those around you so you never miss that golden thought that could generate you the big bucks! You can create voice, photo, and text notes, online and offline. It’s incredibly easy to share checklists to collaborate with others, too. You can even protect your ideas with a pin code to stop that snoopy work colleague claiming all the glory. Available on iOS and Android for free.

Track My Mileage

Keeping track of your mileage can be difficult and wildly inaccurate if you are trying to remember how many trips you made the previous month. Track My Mileage is an easy way of keeping track of those ‘lost’ miles that you forgot about when you went to that last minute meeting. It will calculate costs per mile, distance (obviously) and even let you email the reports to yourself to pick up later in the office. Available on iOS, Android and Windows for free.

For Fun!


Wickr is a messaging app that allows you to send secure, and private text, voice, video, and pictures from app to app. One of Wickr’s neatest features is its ability to send self-destructing messages. Besides the self-destructing messages, everything sent through Wickr is anonymous, encrypted, and cleared of tell-tale digital traces. The only difficult thing about this app will be getting it onto your bosses phone! Available on iOS for free.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine