Apps – May 2014

Whether you are at the head of a major business or an entrepreneur starting your first venture mobile apps are a great way of making you more efficient and/or saving you money. It’s as simple as finding the right apps to suit you and your business and you will never look back. Here, Mobile Business takes a look at some of the business apps making a name for themselves in 2014.

Track Maven 

This app allows you to track the marketing activities of your competitors without having to constantly check multiple sources. You can pick and choose the marketing activity you want to be alerted for and cut out everything you don’t need. Whatever industry you are in keeping an eye on your competitors is absolutely crucial in making sure you stay one step ahead. for more details.

Free Wifi Finder

Simple but effective. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to be plugged in 24/7 and a lack of internet can be catastrophic at the wrong time. Free Wifi Finder lets you…yes, you guessed it! Available on all platforms.


Take a lot of taxis? This app could just save you time and money. Uber connects users to drivers in more than 70 cities through 20 countries. It’s an on demand service and you can link it to your paypal or credit card so you never need to worry about having cash on you. It allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride, it will even email you the receipt for your journey so you can easily fill out your expenses. Available on iOS and Android.

FedEx Office 

If you are constantly on the go this could be right up your street. The mobile app allows you to send files, documents or photos through the app to your nearest FedEx office to be printed or made into a presentation. You can even upload files directly from Box, Google Drive and DropBox. Available on iOS and Android.


A business owner probably needs knows a thing or two about managing finances, but it’s always good to be able to easily access information about personal cash flow. Mint allows you to record expenses, create budgets and manage savings plans, all from your phone. Available on iOS and Android. 

Do you feel like you waste too much time in your inbox? This could be for you. has been designed to tidy up your inbox by displaying all of your subscriptions for you. You can then easily browse the list and unsubscribe to the ones you never read freeing up your inbox for you to get on with your day. Available on iOS and Android.


You never know when the next strike of brilliance will hit you or where you will be. Pocket allows you to store those ideas by bookmarking or saving all kinds of content. It could be an article you read or a new report that has just come out, you can store it all to your device so those ideas don’t get lost in your brain. Available on iOS & Android.


This handy little app is the perfect tool for avoiding those ‘friends’ you really don’t want to bump into. Dubbed the Antisocial Network the app takes information from Instagram and Foursquare (Facebook data will be added soon) and tells you the location of everyone in your network. The app actually encourages you to ‘Hate Follow’ people just so you can avoid them in real life! What an excellent way to ‘cut someone out’ the British way! Available on iOS

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine