Apps – October 2014

If you aren’t utilising the world of mobile business apps heavily then you are definitely missing a trick! Here we take a look at some of the most useful apps out there to help you become a better working version of yourself!


Why is it whenever you want to get something done there is always someone holding up the line by refusing to read their email? Mailtracker syncs with the iPhone’s mailbox and can send you a detailed notification of when the other person reads a message and where they read it from. So next time you can get them on the phone you can tell if they are telling you porkies! Free on iOS


Are you the forgetful one in the office? Do you have too many plates spinning at once? Pushbullet could be for you, the app syncs with your computer and can display all of your notifications from your phone. It can even send files between devices. This will ensure you stay organised at all times! Free on Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox

Focus Lock

How many times have you said to yourself…”just one more game of Angry Birds and then I’ll get down to some work”?! Focus Lock lets you select certain apps to be locked out of and set a timer for when they are available again. You can keep your emails and calls coming in but just stop the football scores from distracting you from getting down to some serious work. Free on Android


Do you have a work colleague that seems to be late for everything? Maybe it is you! ETA is designed to get you to your meetings on time. If your next appointment is a drive away then it will even tell you how long it takes to get there in current traffic conditions. £1.59 from iOS

Level Money

Saving for a rainy day? Retirement perhaps? Level Money syncs with your accounts and provides you with updates around your transactions. Rather cleverly the app detects your spending and earning habits to give you a complete review of your financial situation. It’s great for planning for the future… much better than buying lotto tickets and crossing your fingers! Free on iOS and Android


Do a lot of presentations? This is for you! From cloud storage service Dropbox this app automatically organises photos and videos into condensed gallaries. With a swipe here and there you can view pictures from any time period as the app will group pictures and video together. Great time saver for those last minute jobs. Free on iOS and Android

The Email Game

Swear at your inbox a lot? You aren’t alone! Try the Email Game, This Chrome extension makes sorting your inbox… not fun but a lot less stressfull! Timers are added to your inbox, forcing you to decide which messages deserve your attention and which can wait for later. Earn points and compete against friends to see who can answer emails and reduce their inbox the fastest….Control A Delete works well too! Free for Chrome


Too many tasks, too little time? This app lets certain programs interact with each other. For example you can schedule a weather alert to be delivered to your phone each morning at 6 a.m. You can schedule reminders for yourself such as to pay the bills on specific days each month. Basically, we all have boring stuff to do in our everyday lives…this just lets you get on with it without wanting to kick something. Free on iOS

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine