Apps Review: Elondra

As we begin to review the changing shape of application development in to a new decade, it is important to take a careful look at solutions retaining sustained market success, not just the latest fad that has appeared on the market and is vying for our attention. In the business application channel, newest is not always best and my advice would be to retain focus on products that offer a genuine commercial benefit and ROI – whether you are looking at it from the perspective of a reseller or as an end user wishing to incorporate a new solution in to your own business.

Elondra is a Spanish company that has achieved and retained some substantial success over recent years and has also recently been recognised with an Innovation Award at the BlackBerry Alliance Summit in Rome.

Two of the main mobile applications which they have developed are briefly overviewed in this article; bmSales and bmForms – both of which are available on a multitude of platforms offering businesses all-round flexibility and reliability.

Mobility and management
bmSales is an end to end solution for mobility and management of any products all the way through from presale to final customer delivery. bmSales allows the sales and delivery teams within a business to use their BlackBerry or Java enabled phone to perform their daily work effortlessly and seamlessly and has obviously been designed with ease-of-use in mind – without being presented in a fashion that might insult a user! Looking at this from an office-based perspective, bmSales is easily connected to a wide range of ERP or management systems that are already in place, allowing the mobile element of a solution to become fully integrated. Alternatively, a business can simply use the standard online tools provided by Elondra to work with their data and have no ties to existing systems.

Delivering purpose-built forms
bmForms allows a business to create and deliver purpose-built forms to their employees for completion at a remote destination.  This allows mobile users to dramatically reduce the level of paper forms they complete on a regular basis – it could even eradicate them altogether! It goes without saying that all data captured on the mobile device is then submitted seamlessly in to an existing office-based environment for immediate review if so required. Elondra cite successful examples previously deployed for mobile users completing surveys or quality assurance documentation whilst away from the office.

Elondra offer a further multitude of options which compliment their existing off the shelf products and expand the capabilities that the can offer to their customers.  These range across Bluetooth printing, barcode reading, location-based services and full back end integration which can be developed as a bespoke solution if so required.

Elondra are definitely a business worth investigating further if you would like to learn more about a solid, reliable product range that is delivered from a team who operate in the same fashion.

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