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Following on from the feature on BYOD David Dungay has been searching high and low for solutions in the app world to solve some common problems in a mobile device dominated world. All analyst predictions put BYOD increasing intensely throughout the next few years and the issues associated will only be magnified. Take a look at the following app solutions and see if any hit the spot.

Problem – Lack of security

Solution – MobileNow 

Security is always one of the biggest worries for anyone wanting to adopt a BYOD strategy. The issue comes when the phones are locked down too much and employees can’t access the apps they want even when they aren’t at their desk!

There are now several solutions out there that deploy a virtual environment which sits on the phone and connects to the office network. Everything within that environment can be secured whilst the employee can enjoy the freedom of their own phone outside of that environment. MobileNow from AppSense does exactly this and leaves the business comfortable with employees using their own equipment while the employees get full use of their devices with none of the worry. Available on iOS

Problem – Lack of Monitoring

Solution – Blackberry Balance

Perhaps one of the most forward thinking ideas to come out of Blackberry in recent years is their approach to the BYOD problem. Blackberry Balance comes with the new device range and allows users to separate work from personal in the one phone. Why download an app when you can easily solve the problem by purchasing the right phone in the first place?? Well perhaps our typical smartphone users aren’t really thinking about the business benefits when they purchase their devices and that is more of an afterthought? The main advantages are that this is ready to rock straight from the box and will allow companies all the security and control they want without infringing on the employees personal life. Available on BB10

Problem – Overworking

Solution – HoursTracker

How often have you found yourself at home still checking your work email account? Like most people with a smartphone this isn’t unusual when you get work emails coming in straight to your phone. It can leave employees feeling disgruntled that they are putting in extra hours for no credit.

On the flip side of this how many of you have checked a personal email or Facebook during work hours? HoursTracker allows you to measure exactly how much time you spend working everyday so you can compare it against your time in the office. So it’s either time to ask for a raise or pull up your socks! Available on iOS

Problem – Lack of Structure

Solution – Liquid Planner

Oraganising your workload can be a difficult task if half of your working life is spent away from your desk. Although native apps like the calendar can be helpful if your work is more project based the Liquid Planner may be for you.

The app allows projects to be planned, and scheduled amongst users, and notes and documents to be shared, to ensure that both employees and businesses are maximising their productivity. Available on Android

Problem – Device lost with important data

Solution – Find my iPhone

Perhaps one of the most stressful BYOD problems is when an employee loses their device with sensitive business information contained within it. Whether it was lost on a Friday night in the pub or stolen from a handbag that data could potentially harm your business if in the wrong hands. Find My iPhone does exactly what it say’s…although if your phone is in the hands of the local thug perhaps you may not want to find it! Make sure you utilize cloud back up services so at least you can recover what was lost. Available on iOS

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