BA Pilot Mobile Tickets

British Airways are looking to be amongst the first airlines to check passengers on board flights using text message barcodes on mobile phones.
‘We are looking at sending a barcode to a passenger’s mobile phone using SMS, as well as enabling them to log into via a mobile and then have the barcode sent direct from the web site,’ said Mike Cavanagh, BA product boss.

The final decision on the trial will be made in a few months, following an investigation into the pros and cons.

‘Mobile technology must be good for both the airline and its passengers if it is to go ahead’, said Cavanagh.

Airlines in Sweden, Japan, and China are already running trials, but it is yet to prove its worth.

‘These initiatives can provide huge cost savings and reduce congestion at check-in desks,’ said Paul Curtis, head of IT at EasyJet.

‘But until airports across Europe are able to support the technology, rollout will be limited to localised trials.’

‘The technology is not quite there yet,’ said an Iata (International Air Transport Association) spokesman. ‘We need a global standard for barcodes on mobile phones to be developed, as well as standardised scanners and infrastructure at all airports,’ he said.

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