BenQ Mobile bullish

BenQ Mobile says it is receiving “optimistic signals” from both operators and the retail trade in the aftermath of BenQ’s takeover of Siemens Mobile.

“The large network operators, in particular, have responded positively to a variety of new models” – and indeed there have been a raft of new phones in the last few months.
Phones4u have placed a significant order for the top-of-the-line EF81. BenQ Mobile says the S68 and EL71 have also received “strong interest” and “confirmed orders from major operators”.

Clemens Joos, CEO of BenQ Mobile, says the company is aiming to be in the black by the end of this year – and will achieve that “if our new models now meet with the response we expect from the consumer”.

Cost savings will also help, of course; “we have already managed to achieve significant improvement of €150m and are working on further potential savings.”

One immediate example is the sale of its ex-Siemens Aalborg R&D facility to Motorola. A team of product development engineers will transfer to Motorola. “One of our targets is to streamline operations and to simplify our fragmented product development assignments through the consolidation to major sites” observed Joos. “By offloading complexity in R&D, we will be able to more quickly develop new handsets and to launch products earlier.”

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