BenQ-Siemens POUT!

Following on from the success of the CL75 Poppy, BenQ-Siemens has teamed up with Pout to launch another female focused product – the EF61 Mia Special Edition make-up phone…

Designed by an all-female team the EF61 Mia Special Edition is being marketed as every girl’s best friend.
The new clamshell has an integrated compact mirror, activated by the touch of a button.
The phone is also packaged with a colour co-ordinated powder-blue stereo headset and data cable for transferring images and contact information to a PC or laptop.  Also included with the phone is a stunning leather charm accessory, which reflects the delicate petal design of the phone, and is encased in a satin pouch.
The EF61 also features a 1.3 megapixel camera and a 64MB memory card to store images.  This is all packaged in a Special Edition gift box with a boutique-style gift bag.
‘The CL75 Poppy was a ground-breaking mobile phone that set the pace in terms of designing for women.  BenQ-Siemens will continue to pioneer and lead the way in creating phones for women and we are delighted to offer the EF61 Mia Special Edition as the result of our unique insights and approach to designing for women,’ the lovely UK Head of Marketing Louise Forbes told Mobile Business Magazine.
To celebrate the new partnership between the two brands, The BenQ-Siemens EF61 Mia Special Edition was launched at make-up brand Pout’s fifth Birthday party on 18th July at The Cuckoo Club, London.
Every EF61 Mia Special Edition handset has a flash animation installed that guides users through Pout’s signature five steps to fabulous make-up routine. The sequence of images feature Adam Dargan, Pout make-up artist, demonstrating how to achieve a fabulous look in five simple steps. Scrolling text explains exactly how to achieve each look, whilst links advise you on the Pout products best suited for each step. The software’s zoom feature also enables you to see each effect in more detail.
‘We are delighted to be working with BenQ-Siemens to create fun and easy interactive make-up tips for busy girls on the go,’ says Emily Cohen, one of the founding partners of Pout.

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