Best of 2007

The year is fast winding down. It’s a time for seeking refuge from the cold dark nights in the pub, banking up the fire and baking potatoes, reminiscing about old times and telling tall tales … Which means it’s also time for filling in Best of 2007 forms. So here’s the Mobile Business Best of 2007 form.
All you have to do is nominate someone or something in all of the sections; and while you don’t have to complete the tiebreaker-style citation, it does give you an extra chance to win something.
To win something? Ah yes. The fabled generosity of the Mobile Business team knows no bounds when it comes to finding freebies for our loyal readers. Actually, we haven’t yet decided who will win what – but rest assured, it will be worth taking a moment or two to enter. Could be a crate of wine, could be a box of SIM-free handsets, could be a Spearmint Rhino access-all-areas pass, could be an invite to the Mobile Business Best of 2007 Party … There will (probably) be lots of winners, so don’t hold back.

In most of the categories we’ve offered some suggestions based on our own experience and the feedback we’ve accumulated from readers over the year. You can vote for one of these (one vote only in each category, please!) or you can nominate your own preference.

Each vote gets you one entry in the Fab Prize Draw Whatever That Is.
So what are you waiting for? Click here to start voting.
(You need to be registered to the website. Registration only takes a few seconds, so if you’re not already a signed up member of the website click here
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