Mobile adult video services will mean the demise of more ‘traditional’ text-based adult mobile services within the next three years, according to the latest study by Juniper Research. 

According to Juniper, the global market for mobile text based adult services (currently 20% of the market) is forecast to peak by next year at $303m, after which revenues from this type of service will decline. By contrast, mobile adult video services – already 50% of the market – will hit $1.7bn in 2009 and $2.4bn by 2011. At that time they will account for over 70% of mobile adult content market revenues.

Juniper doesn’t think the ultra-small screen will be a turn-off. According to Research Director Bruce Gibson: “As with mobile games and mobile gambling, the mobile channel will not just be another delivery channel for existing content. It will in fact be a different way of presenting adult content. The mobile channel will reach new audiences who will use the products in a different way to their use of print products, DVDs and the Internet.
“Because mobile is about fun and instant gratification, products will need to be designed to provide just that.”
The market will be slightly restricted by regulatory and some “public sensitivity issues”, said Gibson. “However, the inherent strengths of the mobile as a flexible device, coupled with advances in mobile video capability and the implementation of robust age verification procedures, will ensure that the mobile channel has an important role to play in the future of the adult content industry.”
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