inHand is a BlackBerry-like application that works on any mobile phone and doesn’t require expensive and complex server hardware and software.
It is available now online from, and inVue Ltd says it will “soon” be available from retailers.
inHand claims to offer complete wireless access to business data from any mobile device, giving the user “a seamless experience of managing emails, tasks, business contacts, leads, and meetings from the palm of their hand”. In addition, the user can access their file folder to read and edit documents.
It is underpinned by the inVue software synchroniser – synchronises business data with the mobile phone app without the need for any additional hardware or software.
Dr Pierre Wilter, director of inVue Ltd, says he developed inHand as a response to “the complexity and high cost of existing corporate mobile applications”. He argues that to date BlackBerry has been the only application to offer the whole spectrum of email functionality, but at a price and a complexity beyond the means of the average small business. The operators’ own sever-based email services are limited and more suited to the consumer than the business user.
So he decided to design an alternative that would suit the smaller business. “I wanted to create an affordable tool that didn’t require hardware, software, or even any IT skills to get to work. Running businesses is a complex job – and technology should help, not hinder”.
inHand is an end-to-end solution providing both mobile and internet access, an all-inclusive price with no hidden costs, and support and training included as part of the package. The online offer is £7.66 + VAT per month, with no minimum contract.
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