Black’s Back with LG Shine

Taking a leaf out of Moto’s book LG have decided to take a best selling product and paint it another colour. Enter stage left the LG Titanium Black, the Shine’s younger brother.
It seems that LG are enjoying the success of their Black Label Series and have decided to add a new member to the family. The new LG Titanium Black is actually the already well-known LG KE970 Shine (so no 3G), but its metal bodied case is shaded in black with a rather special nuance.

Edgier than black and more chick than silver, the new LG kind of gets the best out of the two looks.

The LG Shine Titanium Black has the same features as its forerunner: a 2 megapixel camera by Schneider Kreuznach, a multifunctional scroll button, and stereo Bluetooth. It has 50 MB internal memory and a microSD slot. You can read our review of the original LG Shine here.

LG Shine ‘Titanium Black’ will be launched in the UK, France, Netherlands and Austria. It should hit the shelves anytime soon.

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