Avenir Telecom has become the mobile market’s sole distributor for the Abacus MobileWear Wristwatch – what it calls “the first mainstream Bluetooth fashion accessory”.
Developed by Fossil, who also provided the technology for Sony Ericsson’s forthcoming entry in the Bluetooth watch market, the watch provides a series of functions including the display of caller ID information on the watch face.
Users are notified when their phone rings and if unable to answer their phone, the call can be muted or rejected by pressing a single button. When a voicemail or text is received, users are alerted by an icon of an envelope on the watch, which is accompanied by a slight vibration.
“Avenir is passionate about being at the cutting edge of innovation” said MD Tanny Price. “So we are delighted to be working with Fossil, a leading manufacturer, to launch this ground-breaking product. Not only is it a progressive example of new product development focused on a fusion of lifestyle and technology, it also provides new revenue opportunities across our entire customer base.”
It looks a bit chunky to us, but then we’ve always relied on our phones to tell the time. Avenir’s RRP will be £149.99.
You want chunky, you got it. Sony Ericsson’s MBW-100 should be available in time for Christmas at around £200. 
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