Brits Abroad Brag by Text

Following a drop in roaming charges earlier this year it appears young Brits abroad like to kiss and tell about their holiday exploits to chums at home as soon as they happen.
T-Mobile, looking to utilise in-house information to discover new social trends, logged phone-calls, text messages, and MMS made by British customers whilst they were on holiday.

The results showed call patterns of customers in Spain were at their highest during the traditional clubbing hours. At the start of the peak party season in Ibiza and Majorca, one weekend’s data recorded close to 15500 phone calls between 23:00 and 04:00. Calls and messages dwindled to a stop between 06:00 and mid-day when the party animals would be getting some well-earned rest. The research showed 28000 minutes were spent talking during these specified times.  

Robin O’Kelly, head of corporate communications at T-Mobile, said, “We believe the volume of late-night calls indicates very clearly that our customers love to share the good – or even the bad – news as soon as possible.

“For many young people, their mobile phone is a diary – the best way to record their exploits before they forget them. If you apply the figures from Spain across the board to all the hot young tourist destinations, it’s clear that we’re dealing with a massive quantity of these types of calls throughout the holiday season.”

This is further to a nationwide YouGov poll, commissioned by T-mobile earlier in the year, that discovered people feel isolated whilst on holiday, with 75% of the 18-29 age group enjoying the fact that they can be contacted at all times.

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