Brits fear ringtone shame

Four out of five Brits fear criticism of their ringtone – which is probably realistic, given the Dial-a-Phone survey which also indicates that virtually all people aged 18-34 agreed the choice of ringtone reveals the personality of the owner. More numbers:

• 34% of those questioned believe that someone without a cool ringtone possesses no style
• 10% of phone users change their ringtone once a week to make sure they always have the coolest tone on the market
• 44% admit to a ringtone faux pas in the past

Dial-a-Phone body language expert Flic Everett (sic) commented: “There’s no question that we have become obsessed with ringtones – they have become fashion accessories, so much like the clothes we wear, we are judged by what ringtone we chose.”

No, we have no idea why Dial-a-Phone has a body language expert in the first place. Or how many they have.

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