BT aims for Office Everywhere

Office Anywhere from BT Business is a Windows PC smartphone that comes with WiFi and VoIP capability. As well as internet phone via your own connections, the user gets free hour-long calls to UK landlines from BT Openzone WiFi hotspots (2,000 of them in the UK and Ireland).

Users can also make free calls back into the UK from more than 30,000 hotspots around the world.

Bill Murphy, MD of BT Business, described Office Anywhere as “a breakthrough solution for small and medium sized businesses – it gives them the freedom to carry on doing what they do best, getting to and staying in the thick of the action, without losing touch or missing out on new opportunities”.

The Office Anywhere smartphone, HTC’s rather good S620, is currently free for a limited period on contract. The terms are a bit opaque; for a start, the customer needs a BT Business PSTN phone line. Then they choose either a call bundle of 250 or 700 minutes a month (both include unlimited calls to UK landline numbers by mobile VoIP in WiFi locations). And they also choose one of three data bundles. So the contract works out like this:

Monthly data allowance         Lite: 10Mb     Professional: 30Mb    Unlimited
With 250 inclusive minutes     £39.50            £47.50                            £54.50
With 700 inclusive minutes     £60.50            £68.50                            £75.50
Office Anywhere will be sold direct or through the BT Local Businesses franchises.
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