BubbleTALK Users Send 1000’s of Voice SMS

Operators which have deployed BubbleTALK services have started to see massive usage from their customers.  It now seems that many users of BubbleTALK have gone Voice SMS-crazy, with some individuals sending thousands of messages each month.
The top user last month made a record-breaking 3201 Bubble messages in a single month.  Despite this huge number, this user was not alone in their high usage of the service, as many consumers have started to use BubbleTALK as their main form of communication.  In fact all top five BubbleTALK users racked up at least 67 Voice SMS messages every day, or 2000+ messages per month.  Even the 50th top user sent a massive 1200 Bubble messages a month.

Part of the attraction for customers is the ability to include more emotional content in a short message than other messaging services such as IM, SMS and email, which has made Voice SMS messaging a popular channel amongst the youth market.  Voice SMS has also proven very popular with many groups who find SMS inconvenient, as well as those whose first language is not supported by text entry on a phone keypad.

Sunil Coushik, President and Co-Founder of Bubble Motion said: "We have always known that BubbleTALK has great potential for operators as well as their customers, but these latest figures took even us by surprise. It seems that some customers of operators are spending most of their day sending BubbleTALK messages.  I just hope they are leaving enough time to eat and sleep!""

Bubble Motion has been winning plaudits recently for its Voice SMS services.  BubbleTALK was recently honored as being the Best Consumer Application Award at the Mobile Messaging Awards.  The BubbleTALK implementation at Vodafone Egypt was also recently named as being one of the top ten non-voice revenue-generators by telecoms analyst group Analysys.

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