Burnside Launches New Office Mobile Phone

Burnside Telecom  has launched the first desktop mobile network phone that has features essential for office use combining the ease of use of an ordinary desktop office phone with the ‘use it anywhere’ flexibility of a mobile phone.
The insertion of a mobile phone SIM is all that is required for instant connection to public or private GSM wireless networks.

Unlike a handheld mobile phone, the desktop form factor provides a fixed, permanent and accessible phone that anyone in the office can use. Mains power keeps the internal standby battery topped up so the phone is always on and working.

If the network supports Explicit Call Transfer, the P350 can perform like a mobile extension on a network or PBX by being able to take a call, put it on hold and then transfer it to a third party leaving the P350 free to continue making and receiving calls.

For call centres and frequent phone users, the Office Mobile Phone provides headset support and is compatible with corded and cordless Plantronics and Jabra GN headsets. Connection can also be made to external call recording devices for archival purposes.

The phone incorporates a Microsoft compatible telephone application programming interface [TAPI] so that an attached computer can automate dialling of outgoing calls using customer relationship management [CRM] applications like Goldmine, ACT, Maximizer or Microsoft CRM. SMS text messages can be composed, sent and received using the P350’s keyboard and screen. The P350 can also be used as an SMS Gateway to an attached PC and is able to receive text messages into or send text messages from Microsoft Outlook.

David Robson, Director of Burnside Telecom commented “Our new Office Mobile Phone now provides the ideal terminal for viable wireless office propositions from the mobile network operator and service provider. Every office desk should have one.” The multi band magnetic base aerial can be positioned for optimum signal using the phone’s signal strength meter. Any possible risk to the user’s health from radiation from the aerial is also considerably reduced.

Unlike a fixed line telephone, the Burnside Office Phone can be used anywhere within network coverage without the delay and expense of landline installation or connection charges or fixed monthly rentals when used on prepay tariffs.

The P350 is the first model in this new range of desktop mobile phones. Future models will be capable of working on EDGE and 3G UMTS/HSDPA networks. A wall mounting bracket is available that also prevents theft of the phone and removal of the SIM.

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