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This month we bring you the latest and greatest from the world of business apps. If it’s taking notes or working collaboratively from all corners of the globe, we have something for you.


OmniFocus helps people analyse their work and get it done efficiently using what they call “perspectives”. Each perspectives are designed for a different function and brings the the most relevant information to the forefront by focusing on the folders and projects the user’s need at most at that time. Track tasks by date, person, places or project type to get them done efficiently.


One of the best collaborative apps out there right now. Use this app as a hub for brainstorming, organising notes or saving things from web pages. Evernote offers a single workspace that can be accessed from anywhere a user has connectivity which is great for remote workers that want to have impact back at the office.


Sometimes working remote just isn’t the same as being at your office desk with your own PC. LogMeIn allows users to take control of their PC from anywhere they have a connection. Not only can you use your PC as if you are in the office the app comes with file management features which means you can download files from the desktop. It also allows you transfer files and remote print so you can keep up with your work flow from anywhere.

Google Drive

As a recent convert to Google I can’t speak highly enough of this service. You can access your files from any computer or smartphone and never have to worry about pressing the save button again! This app allows you to collaborate with colleagues on documents and you can invite individuals to comment on any files stored here. Google offer 15Gb of free storage which can be upgraded for those heavy users for a small fee.

InFocus Pro

This app is all about keeping you organised and contains features such as calendar, checklists, notes, projects and To Do lists. This productivity app allows users to and write custom notes in any colour they choose and can sync with other services such as iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook.


DejaOffice aims to be the ultimate all in one productivity app. It can hold all of your data such as notes, phone numbers, emails, tasks, documents, meetings and CRM history data. It can also connect to a number of CRM systems such as Salesforce, Act! Outlook, Lotus Notes and more. Organize tasks, contacts, and calendar into color-coded categories, link calendar events to contacts and their documents, log outgoing phone calls as a history item under the contact, set task alerts, and much more.


This task management app aims to make you most efficient professional in the business! Things enables you to assign contexts, priorities, time and whatever else you need to organise so you get the most efficient workflow possible. The app is easy to navigate and has a series of quick entry features which enables workers to add information with ease. If you find yourself constantly fire fighting and not getting any real work done this lays your tasks out in step by step fashion so you get the maximum out of your day.


This document editing app allows users to tap, type, pinch and swipe to edit documents stored in the cloud or in emails. With an exceptionally simple user interface designed specifically for smartphones editing documents on a small screen has never been so easy.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine