Calendar Apps

Not so long ago downloading a separate calendar app for your smartphone seemed a little bit pointless. The stock apps that come with most smartphones are perfectly adequate and will suit most people’s needs. However, take a look at the apps you could be using below… you may never look back.

Sunrise Calendar
Available for both iOS and Android Sunrise combines a stylish interface with ease of use. The app syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange and provides a number of quick entry features to easily allow you to set up reminders, event scheduling, location tagging and more. The app also integrates with a number of other common apps like Evernote and Wunderlist and comes with its own custom keyboard which allow’s users to organise meetings over instant messaging. All this for free!

Wave comes with a vast array of features which can be extended to various wearables like Android Wear and Apple Watch. The calendar comes with several viewing options to enable you to either operate in a daily , weekly or monthly view. The usual syncing options are available so you don’t miss an event in your business or social life. Where WAVE excels is that it actually connects you to professional personal assistants. All assistants are screened before being allowed onto the service and you can use them for booking hotels, tables in restaurants or just about anything you would use a PA for in the real world. Available on iOS and Android for free.

Jorte Calendar
Jorte Calendar comes with a number of customisable options to really personalise your calendar. The interface is highly configurable and comes with the usual array of viewing modes. The task and memo bar keeps all the upcoming events and notes handy and you can sync everything across multiple devices. Available on iOS and Android for free.

DigiCal is very versatile and is excellent at providing just the right level of information whether you want a quick at-a-glace view or something more substantial. With all the usual viewing interfaces you can get as detailed you want with this app. The app syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook and Exchange but also comes with a host of features like weather forecasts and time zone management. Available on Android for free.

Calendars 5
Calendar 5 is heavy weight when it comes to the calendar world. It does an exceptional job of displaying everything you need to know about your schedule. It comes with all the standard views and also supports natural language which means you can just enter events in plain text or even through speech. It also comes with several task management features which makes blasting through your to-do list a pleasure every day. It’s one of the easiest apps to sync with various third party calendars and it even comes with a handy timeline to view all upcoming events easily. Currently on iOS for £4.99

UpTo is a calendar with a difference. It does all the usual schedules and appointments but also logs everything else you are interested in. It can switch between two layers, your work life and personal appointments, and then underneath it displays events based on your likes, interests and location. You can follow sports teams, TV shows or other events your friends and family are involved in. This is great for those heavy social users. Available on iOS and Android for free.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine