Carphone Radio

The Carphone Warehouse has joined forces with Channel4 and Sky to launch 10 new national digital radio stations to challenging the dominance of the BBC.
The combined group, led by Channel 4 Radio and called 4 Digital Group, submitted its bid for the 12-year licence on Wednesday, promising to launch 10 new national digital radio stations from 2008.

Under the bid’s plans, Channel 4 Radio Limited will operate three services: E4 Radio – aimed at 15-to-29 year-olds; Channel4 Radio – current affairs; and Pure4 – an all-music station.

Britain already has one of the world’s most advanced digital radio services, which offers clearer reception than analogue, more channels and the ability to provide some multimedia services.

4 Digital Group plans to work with the Carphone Warehouse to develop digital audio chips built into the next generation of mobile phones.

4 Digital Group said it would rely on its partners to promote the service and would commit 4.5 million pounds to general marketing of digital radio in the first three years of the licence period.

The group pitch themselves as having "the skills, resources and reach to create compelling content, to market that content effectively, and to work with equipment manufacturers and retailers to achieve Ofcom’s goal of transforming the impact, profile and take-up of digital radio in the UK."

Applications have to be in by today, with the winner being revealed in July.

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