Cash tied up in FCIB?

Megsons legal team are returning today from a positive trip to Curacao after meeting with the administration team.

1:  I flew to Curacao on 21/1107 and had a meeting with Mr Salesia.  The meeting took place on 23rd November 2007 and detailed discussions took place with regard to my clients accounts and FCIB generally.  

In order to assist me Mr Salesia arranged for me to see the administration team on the 26/11/07.  Clearly I was extremely satisfied with this since nobody else has met them before and they are the people who deal with the first stage of release of funds.

2: I met with the 2 people who head the administration department.  I have both their names and email addresses for future contact.  My discussions lasted many hours and we spoke about FCIB  generally and what it takes to release funds. It has been confirmed to me by Salesia and admin that funds are still being released and some (few) companies have been paid out in the UK.

During the majority of the meeting I went through the client packs that I have prepared.

I can say without hesitation that FCIB are not changing the goal posts or delaying to avoid paying anyone.  

Sitting with the team and going through clients packs was invaluable.

Word of caution is that the criminal investigation team is visiting Curacao in January to interview all concerned again. This should not affect payments but clearly it will help if it is decided that no prosecution can be brought against the staff of FCIB or FCIB itself.

3: What do we do if all documents are in order and good for payment but payment is not made?

I met with a local attorney in Curacao who has arranged the release of funds for a UK phone trader this year.  

I have agreed fees with him and you will see that there is a big difference between his fees and that of other lawyers on the island who have extremely high fees.  I have also discussed legal options and we propose taking legal action in a form and manner that has not previously been done to date regarding FCIB.  

This email has been kept general due to client confidentiality.  For those clients who’s packs I delivered, if you want to speak to me about further details on your companies please call me.  I will be returning to England on 29/11/07

If you would like further information or assistance with your document pack or to discuss your legal options please do not hesitate to email or contact our offices:

Tel: 01274 738 444
Mobile: 07866 433 242

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