Cashback in the News Again

Following on from the Daily Mirror’s bashing of 3 over their alleged support of dodgy cashback deals, it would seem the national press are gearing up for more.

At the back end of last year 3 Mobile received an award from the Daily Mirror for ‘Awful Service’ alleging the network was behind cashback deals engineered to deny consumers their money in what they call the ‘Great Mobile Cashback Robbery’.

"One network in particular – 3 – did not simply allow its dealers to play the redemption game. It actually encouraged dealers to offer cashback deals so that only four in 10 customers would be likely to successfully claim" said the paper.

It would now seem that more tabloids are picking up the ball and running with it following a request on the Phone Dealer Forum for help:

A national newspaper would like some background information from any dealers that have any experience of any of the networks supporting/prmoting cashbacks. Anonymity has been guaranteed for anyone that is prepared to help. Click here for more information

 (You’ll need to be a registered member of the Phone Dealer Forum to access the link.)

Check out your local newsagents next Thursday for the result.

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