‘Chocolate’ phone looks tasty

LG appears to have scored major success with the networks – all four of the majors are said to have signed up for the newlylaunched KG800 ‘Chocolate’ handset.
This would be a first for LG, and something of recovery in the 3G business that it initially dominated by supplying handsets to 3.

Since then LG has struggled to get into the premium markets. The KG800 is a classy slider based on a popular CDMA handset which has sold 300,000 units in Korea alone since its launch last November – indeed, LG says it is now selling around 100,000 units per month there.

The KG800 has been nicknamed the Chocolate phone because of its appearance, though it probably deserves a more upmarket moniker to go along with its generally stylish looks.

This phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera and a 240×320 colour screen that is said to look stunning when lit – the screen and keypads glow red when in use. It is 14.5mm thick, includes 512MB memory, and has an MP3 player.

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