Citymain Appoint Data Select as IAR

Data Select have signed agreements with Citymain, the UK’s leading independent mobile phone insurance company, to become an Introducer Appointed Representative in line with FSA legislation.
Citymain were the pioneers of the cellular telephone insurance policy when, at the launch of cellular in the UK in January 1985, we arranged the first programme for Motorola with Lloyd’s of London. Involvement with BT Cellnet, Vodafone, One2One and a large percentage of UK retailers has ensured Citymain has kept in the forefront of mobile phone insurance, and handle the largest client base for mobile phone insurance in the UK

Data Select’s MD, Angus Dawe, said “We are now in a position to introduce our retail and trade partners to Citymain’s full range of bespoke insurance solutions”.

Citymain’s MD, Paul Kelsey said “This is a very exciting opportunity. Data Select’s partners require bespoke insurance offerings to cover both mobile phones and other gadgets to differentiate their overall product offerings. As an IAR, Data Select can now introduce our full range of insurance solutions in a compliant manner to drive incremental revenue”.

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