Citymain Launches B2B Insurance

Citymain has launched a new mobile phone insurance policy for the B2B dealer channel. Corporate Care improves upon standard insurance polices by also including a loan phone option, technical support helpline, contacts synchronization and 24/7 claims line.
Following consultation with the B2B mobile phone dealer channel, Citymain developed what they consider to be the most comprehensive and wide reaching insurance product for B2B dealers and their customers.

As with all Citymain insurance schemes, Corporate Care is an excellent way of generating extra revenue through the value add of a quality product

Dealers have the option to sell Corporate Care to generate additional revenue or provide it to their customers free of charge as a USP.

“We designed Corporate Care having spoken with many B2B dealers. The feedback we received was that dealers need more than just an additional revenue stream. They also need the flexibility to include Corporate Care free of charge to help them compete with The Networks.”

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