Commercial Break

It wasn’t really an unexpected medium for the gritty world of advertising to lunge it’s already wide spread teeth into, but it seems that now mobile phone users are prepared to be subjected to adverts on their handsets.

In fact, according to some sources, this marketplace is likely to be worth around 6 billion quid each year.

Phone ownership seems to be a larger demographic than pc usage and so with the technology available and download speeds found with 3G Edge and HSDPA, it’s only sensible that the next step is to advertise on handsets.

The idea is that the punter watches a few ads in exchange for content, music downloads or TV. Sound familiar? The advertisers could very happily be drawn to this model. Targeted campaigns to align themselves with the content, the demographic and now even the location of the user all help to empower the mobile as the medium of the future.

The operators however have the tricky task of trying to earn from this. The money invested into 3G, software and indeed content will not be recouped if companies can offer it for free via the ad method, and if that is available to the consumer then this will become the expected method of delivery and cost. This could leave the operators as nothing more than an access point.

According to the guardian, Informa estimates that the mobile advertising market, forecast to be worth $871m this year, will rocket to $11.35bn in 2011.

Informa also says advertising over mobile TV will be most lucrative, worth almost $4.4bn by 2011.  This will however mean that much like the world cup coverage from 3, TV will be seen as free to the punter.

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