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Your contact list is just a contact list, right? Wrong, managing your contacts may sound like the mundane but it is the life blood of most people’s working lives. Below are some apps to make sure your use of those contacts, that you spent so long acquiring, stay updated and don’t go to waste.

This app tries to approach contact management in a simplistic way. It pulls information from your Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts to keep your contacts automatically updated with the latest profile pictures and any other contact information that may change over time. Sync.ME also includes a photo sharing function and birthday reminders. Available for Android and iOS for free.

Cloze is more than your average address book. It is a feature rich, all in on contact/ social network/ email control centre. It syncs with information from your social media and emails so that your contact list is constantly up to date. It is also a one-stop-shop for your social media allowing you to tweet, update status information, like and share links plus a lot more. Cloze also identifies who your most frequent interactions are with and will surface tweets, status messages and other information from those people. Available on Android and iOS for free.

This app is great… if a significant number of your other contacts are using it. It tries to take the hassle out of keeping your contacts up to date by sharing changes with other Addappt users, which means if I change my number and am using the app too you won’t have to lift a finger to alter my information, and vice versa. The app also comes with group messaging support. One tap messaging, smartwatch support and more. Available for Android and iOS for free.

Connect is all about keeping your contacts within easy reach with quick swipe controls which make it incredibly easy to send messages, calls, add or remove contacts and more. Aside from these quick navigational tools Connect also allows users to create custom groups so you can keep personal and professional (and others) separate. Available on iOS for free.


This is another app which utilises social integration by monitoring all of your networks for changes to not just contact number but also job titles, companies and more. CircleBack also tries to merge duplicate entries in order to streamline your address book and syncs your contacts across multiple devices and platforms. Available in iOS for free.

This contact app brings Facebook, Google Hangouts, emails, messages, calls all together in one spot. It neatly displays all of your contacts in a list with easy action buttons, all you need to do is drag and drop contacts into the appropriate action button and Drupe starts the default app. You can handle all your calls, email, messaging from here and Drupe also comes with a dialer and a recent interactions history function. Available on Android for free.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine