CoPilot latest

ALK Technologies used February’s 3GSM show to launch CoPilot Live 7, initially for Windows Mobile devices (including the new Windows Mobile 6). CoPilot Live 7 promises simple and intuitive menus, clearer 2D/3D map views, more personalisation options, and “compelling mobile data services".

CoPilot Live 7 incorporates the latest European digital mapping from NAVTEQ accurate down to house number or seven-digit UK postcode.

Entering a destination is certainly simplified, and we like the ‘large button’ menus for frequently used features – the ‘find nearest’ option to locate the closest petrol station or car park is especially attractive. And spoken turn instructions are now clearer thanks to new text-to-speech voice commands.

Also very clever is CoPilot’s unique Live location tracking. It’s now possible to send a tracking invitation directly to a Microsoft Outlook contact from within CoPilot, enabling the recipient to view your location, send messages and even new destinations in real time; you can also send your location, ETA and intended destination via SMS, as well as a map of your current location via MMS.

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