Counterfeit goods on the forum?

After less than three months, well over 100,000 stories read, thousands of leading industry professionals visiting, our new and improved website has been hit by a counterfeit goods scandal.

In last weeks inaugural ezine we linked to ‘what’s going on in the forum’ where a debate on counterfeit goods has started.
One of you cheeky chaps has asked whether it is a strategy for distributors to buy counterfeit goods for re-sale and mentioned Caudwell, 20:20 and Dextra in the same paragraph.

Shortly afterward we had a chat with our friends at the Caudwell Group about the forum posting to ask them what their take on this mischievous dealers musings were.

Thinking the Caudwell Group wouldn’t comment on the posting we were surprised to find that John Caudwell himself gave us a statement.

He [John Caudwell] ‘believes that counterfeit product should be rooted out of the industry and is personally committed along with his management team to prevent counterfeit product infiltrating legitimate supply channels.’

He also added that ‘20:20 Logistics has never been associated with counterfeit goods and has never knowingly distributed or sold counterfeit product to any of its customers.’

John went on to confirm that he ‘has never personally profited from the sale of counterfeit goods.’

So that sets the Caudwell Group and 20:20’s store out, to date they are the first company that has confirmed to Mobile Business Magazine that they have never knowingly distributed counterfeit goods, and after the posting we asked several other distributors to comment, all politely declined.

To add your voice to the debate visit the Mobile Business Magazine Forum – Click Here

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