Dealer Manager of the month: Michael Ojo-Osagie, Genuine Solutions

"I know I can always depend on Matt. Nothing is too much trouble. He’s completely honest and straightforward, he knows his products inside out and he’s always a pleasure to deal with."
Sabrina Keenan, Product Manager, Sigma Telecom

What was your first paid employment?
I sold IT consumables and accessories  and spent my first pay packet on … er … alcohol
How long have you worked for Genuine Solutions?
I’ve been with the company during the initial set-up, and have seen lots of growth and change which has been good.
What is the best aspect of your job?
In my position I have the ability to do as much for my customers as possible, both in selling and sourcing products.
And what is the worst?
9-5 hours have always been a bugbear of mine. I’m a night bunny at heart.
What will you do next? And what’s your ultimate ambition?
The goal is to work for Genuine Solutions abroad … maybe California?
Suggest a sales incentive that would work for you. And what’s the best sales incentive you’ve won so far?
Driving the boss’s Ferrari would be a good one, just to watch him squirm as I wheel span past the forecourt! The best has to be the Playstation 3 earlier this year. Very cool piece of kit.
Your home is on fire and you can rescue only one thing. What is it?
My boy.
What’s the first record or CD you bought? What’s the last music you bought?
Jodeci – Forever My Lady was the first and yes I’m still listening to it. I just bought the Kerry Chandler album which is all good.
Cats or dogs?
Marmalade or marmite?
Definitely not Marmite!
What’s your favourite restaurant dish? And what’s your favourite back at home?
Chicken Tikka Pathia when out, Rice and Peas back home
Chelsea or not?
Can I use an expletive? Not Chelski
If you were a mobile phone, which would you be and why?
A sleek Samsung slider ‘cos the ladies love them.
Have a drink – what’s it to be?
Brandy and Coke. Without the coke, or a glass come to think of it.
You’re designing a mobile handset for the future. What functions would it have and why?
Time delay to stop me from having to get up early. I could just hit pause and catch up on my zzz’s
What’s the question you are asked most often in the average working week?
Have you got any D900 LCDs
Would you watch TV on your mobile? Would you pay for it?
No, and no
If you could change anything about the mobile industry and your role in it, what would it be and why?
Doesn’t everyone say the same thing about networks undercutting dealers etc.? Think I’ll leave this question alone …
Which handset maker would you like to have shares in? Why?
Samsung, cause they’re always releasing new gear to excite the punters
What keeps you awake at night?
My missus
Who inspires you and why?
My boy, he’s my reason for everything.
Who should play you in the movie of your life? Why?
I’ve got to say Halifax Howard because he gives you extra!
And finally … What do you think about being nominated DM of the month?
Class, and about *@!8?/%* time lol!
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