Deluge of Mobile TV

It seems at the moment that not a week can go by without us featuring something to do with mobile TV in some shape or form. Well this week’s no different with offerings from three different manufacturers.

There’s no escaping it, mobile TV is on it’s way and looks like it’s here to stay. A fact which certainly makes WebMonkey#8 happy, who goes into a state  of mourning for an hour in the afternoon when he’s missing the latest re-run of Bergerac on UKTVgold. But how to access it?

Sony Ericsson has brought LocationFree technology to the P990, allowing you to stream television from your living room to practically anywhere in the world.

The trick is in the LocationFree base station which connects to your DVD player, Sky+, Telewest TV Drive, or most other AV devices, via your broadband connection. You can then connect via WiFI or 3G using the new P990 software (or your PSP) and watch the box.

"LocationFree completely removes the constraints of having to be at home to enjoy your favourite programmes," said Steve Walker, VP of product marketing at Sony Ericsson. "The P990, with its large 2.8 inch touchscreen is the perfect device for this. It is a high performance smartphone that gives a really great viewing experience, coupled with high-speed connectivity."

The new software is bundled on the memory stick with new P990s or can be downloaded from Sony Ericsson’s website.

SlingMedia have also announced that they will be launching a Symbian version of their successful SlingPlayer. The application, which has been available on Windows smartphones for a number of months works in pretty much the same way as Sony’s LocationFree, with users having to buy a SlingShot base station which plugs into their existing set-top box.

Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media, said: "People love their living room TV programming and simply want the ability to watch it on any device wherever they happen to be, whether at work on their PC, around the home on their wireless laptop, or on the go via their mobile phone."

SlingMedia is currently in talks with operators and manufacturers regarding embedding the technology in handsets, stressing that the app is particularly attractive to converged ‘triple play’ service providers.

If that wasn’t enough, LG have launched a new T-DMB handset, the LG KB6100.

The new LG tv phone has a 2" screen with 170 degree viewing angle, an integrated mp3 player, and video recording capabilities, as well as the DMB tuner.

All these apps fit into a slim 10.95mm handset. Taking on some of the design of the Chocolate, the phone is glossy jet black, but there are plans to release the handset in red and brown.

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