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This month we have two different devices on show. Firstly, the new Blackberry Q10 sits on the new BB10 platform and sports the more traditional QWERTY keypad that has become so synonymous with Blackberry. If you look to the bottom of the page our sponsor Data Select is offering you a chance to win one! We also have an accessory for the iPad or iPhone from ShoreTel on show this month. We got a chance to actually go and see the ShoreTel dock in action and it was most impressive.

Blackberry Q10

The new Q10 is a return to the Blackberry we know from old, but with a twist of new! In hand the device still retains that premium feel Blackberry is so keen to retain but will this hit the spot with the business world? The QWERTY keypad is by far the best on the market right now and is very accurate, much more than any other touch pad out there, and will be great for writing emails.

The battery life is also excellent, even after a day of heavy usage the Q10 was still chugging along nicely. The real magic here has to be the platform BB10, web browsing is blisteringly quick and zipping from screen to screen is as quick, perhaps quicker than most other phones I have come across.

The problems start when you consider Blackberry’s app ecosystem, it just isn’t anywhere near as extensive as the bigger players out there. The price tag also lets it down somewhat, at least in the consumer sector anyhow.

If you want a business tool with a QWERTY keypad then this is easily the best option out there right now. If you want to use your phone as more of an entertainment device outside of work then you may want to look elsewhere.

Expect to pay in excess of £30/ month minimum on a business contract.


ShoreTel Dock

ShoreTel has launched the ShoreTel Dock, it’s a station that transforms iPhones and iPads into desk phones when paired with ShoreTel Mobility, fusing the convenience of mobile devices with the power of a business communications system.

Ed Wright, ShoreTel’s Senior Director of Product Management told Comms Business Magazine, “Users today want to use their tablets and smartphones more and their desk phones less. However there have been three major roadblocks to achieving wider adoption for enterprises; battery life, call quality and ergonomics. Overall the smartphone offers a less robust call quality experience than a desk phone however the ShoreTel Dock meets all these needs in one stylish unit.”

Wright points out that there are many subtle interactions users have with their desk phones that are mostly only noticeable when they are absent.

“For example, if you hit the speaker button or lift the handset then you get dial tone. With the ShoreTel Dock users can dial directly from the keypad or smartphone. There is a mechanical hook flash, voicemail indicator light and auto launch of the mobility app as soon as a device is connected. Therefore there is a minimal learning curve.

We wanted to introduce a device that when on your desk the user will love the look and feel. If you see it one someone else’s desk then you will want one.”

The ShoreTel Dock works with all iPads and iPhones and is the first in a line of devices that will see support for Android phones and tablets in the future. The initial target market is for iPad users – you just happen to get iPhone compatibility for free – it works too.”

Wright says that competitors have not introduced similar devices, as they are anxious about eating in to their core income from expensive desk phones.

The ShoreTel Dock is an accessory and not an IP device – you just plug it in. First previewed to ShoreTel partners six months ago the RRP is $349.00 and it will ship in July 2013.

Ed Says…

The ShoreTel Dock is a quality accessory that works really well. It feels and looks like an Enterprise class desk phone and integrates completely with the ShoreTel Mobility application. I especially liked the fact that the dock launched the app on on the device as soon as it was connected. You know you want one…


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