Devices – September 2015

This month we take a look at the EE Rook, which is a cheap entrant with 4G functionality. For those needing no frills high speed mobile connectivity this is one to watch! Much of the world is wondering what the new Apple iPhone will include when announced this year, below we take a look at some of the more likely rumours flying around the internet.

EE Rook

When it comes to cheap 4G devices they don’t get cheaper than the Rook from EE. At just £39 (with £10 credit) if you are currently an EE customer or £49 (also with £10 credit) if you are joining the network from elsewhere, I really wasn’t expecting the device to be up to much. Surprisingly it is quite a well made device, perhaps a little thick at nearly 1cm, with plenty of rounded edges which makes it sit comfortably in the hand.

The 4 inch WVGA display with 480 x 800 resolution isn’t going to win any prizes but it is perfectly comfortable to view your everyday apps. It comes equipped with Android 5.0 Lollipop which is good news for users even though the overlay makes it look slightly dated.

The cameras are quite simply uninspiring but given the price to be expected. I couldn’t believe they managed to get a front facing camera (0.3 MP) in at all for less than forty pounds! The rear camera is slightly better at 5.0 MP and is fine for those just taking pictures on the go and posting them to social media sites.

The major selling point of the Rook is quite clearly the 4G connectivity. I have used 4G on a number of different devices and I have to say that it seems just as quick on the Rook. For the price of this handset you really can’t do better, if you see better then please call me straight away as I shall have some humble pie to eat!

Rumour Mill – The new iPhone!

With Autumn comes a special time of year for those smartphone lovers. Apple will launch their latest and greatest (hopefully) devices and like brainwashed obedient followers we will be queuing up outside their stores all over the country to get our hands on this new shiny life accessory. So what can we expect from the tech behemoth Apple this year?

Rumours are rife around the internet but here are some things which we will likely see from the Cupertino firm this September.

  • Most likely a iPhone 6s model, the 7 is probably still a year away.Apple_logo_black
  • According to a leaked Vodafone email September 25th is looking like the launch day!
  • According to GSM Dome, Apple has started ordering camera sensors from Sony for the iPhone 6C, Apple’s definition of ‘cheap’ will still most likely be up for debate.
  • Samsung is reportedly producing the A9 processor that is expected to be included in the iPhone 6S.
  • Design wise; don’t expect any wild changes until the iPhone7 next year.
  • A set of schematics has hit the internet that claim the 6S is set to be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6, but will otherwise look pretty much the same. The extra depth could be due to Apple including Force Touch technology which it uses in the newly launched Apple Watch.
  • Someone who claims to work for Foxconn has revealed that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will have 12MP rear cameras and support 4K video, as well as 240fps slow-motion footage.

Here are some of the more hopeful rumours which may make the new devices.

  • Apple acquired a company which creates smartphone cameras designed to match DSLR quality, hopefully this makes it into the 6S.
  • Apple has been on a hiring spree for battery related positions, it may be too early but fingers crossed for a phone you don’t need to charge twice a day!
  • With new technology available allowing the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to be integrated into the screen we may finally see Apple ditch the home button. This one is probably more likely an iPhone7 feature.
  • Apple SIM, which has appeared in the iPad Air 2, allows users to switch network without changing their SIM card. There are still question marks if the carriers will support this feature.
  • With the development of 64-bit apps users need more RAM. Again, the iPad Air 2 has made the leap with 2GB of RAM and there’s a chance the 6S will as well.



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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine