DM of the Month – Nomination: Josie Barba, Live Telecom.

"I am extremely pleased to nominate Josie Barba for DM of the Month. Josie understands the meaning of customer service and works hard to bring me the best deal possible. She has not let me down yet and in this industry that is
extremely rare."

Tony Harris, Distribution/Purchasing Manager,Excalibur Distribution

Q How long have you worked for Live Telecom?A year.

Q What was your first paid employment? I was a waitress in one of the area’s best-known restaurants (concentrating on customer service right from the start).

Q What made you move into the mobile phone industry? I enjoy the fast pace of the industry.And after meeting the team at Live Telecom and seeing how much emphasis they put on customer service,I realised this was the job for me.

Q What is the best aspect about your job? Working in a young and friendly team and being able to create strong relationships with my customers.

Q What is the worst aspect? Sudden price drops.

Q What is the best sales incentive you have ever won? I recently won a weekend for two in Paris.

Q If you could suggest an incentive what would it be? Driving a top sports car for the day. Being Italian,it would have to be a Ferrari. Actually,the best incentive would be winning a Ferrari. Hint,hint!

Q What do you like most about the mobile industry? The challenge of gaining new customers,and receiving the positive feedback about Live Telecom.

Q What do you like least? The speed at which the phones become outdated.

Q If you could change anything about the industry what would it be? I would make the industry more stable – especially in respect of pricing.

Q If you could design a mobile handset what functions would it have? Probably a gossip button.Receiving all the gossip straight to my mobile would be great,and it would bring my phone bills down …

Q If you could capture any image and send as a picture message what would it be, who would you send it to, and why?Sorry to say this,as many of you are probably English,but it would be Italy winning the World Cup; and I would send it repeatedly to Zidane for obvious reasons – harsh but fair.

Q If you were a mobile phone what would you be and why? I would be a Nokia 8800 – expensive but multi-functional.

Q What handset do you currently use? Nokia 8800.

Q If you were a ringtone, what would you be and why? She’s a Star by James – because that’s what I want to be.

Q What type of music do you listen to when travelling around in the car? R’n’B.

Q What ringtone do you currently use?
Little Britain.

Q Who inspires you and why? Sofia Loren. She was a young Italian girl who made it all the way to the top.

Q What is your favourite game on your mobile phone? I spend too much time talking to my friends on the phone and don’t really have the time to play games.

Q What would your dream occupation be? Singer or actress – I would love to be famous!

Q What do you think about being awarded DM of the month? It really means a lot to me and it is really nice to be recognised by the people I work hard to help.Shows it is all worthwhile.

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