DM of the Year in 2006

Tricky, very tricky. During the year we had some genuinely impressive contenders from a variety of backgrounds and just about every major distributor (though to be fair there were a couple who were unwilling to participate, including one who told us “we’d rather our best DMs weren’t featured in case someone else comes along and poaches them”). 
For this award though we wanted a mixture of personality and professionalism, based on the responses to our questionnaire and the citations provided by satisfied customers. And we think we’ve come up with a worthy winner …


Josie Barba, Live Telecom
Yes, we know what you’re thinking: foxy lady, mag staffed largely by blokes, etc etc. But the nomination from one of her customers really swung it: “Josie understands the meaning the of customer service and works hard to bring me the best deal possible … She has not let me down yet, and in this industry that is extremely rare”.
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