Easy Meetings

Getting the most out of your business meetings is essential for anyone trying to run a efficient business. All too often they can over run, not be productive or all of the follow up afterwards is either slow or nonexistent. Take a look at the apps below to make the most of your meetings.

Taking notes during meetings can be a pain but unfortunately is a necessary evil. What you then do with those notes is important as they can slip into folders never to be seen again. GoodNotes is a way of storing your hand written notes, diagrams or PDFs into a handy filing system. It allows you to add notes to pages and share with colleagues. It even comes with a data backup function to prevent your notes from going walkies!

iPlanner UK
Not all diaries are born equal when it comes to successfully organising your life. iPlannerUK is one of the most customisable diary apps you will find. It will let you plan out your day in minute detail from work hours to meetings and personal errands. It gives you a large array of colour coding and icon options to keep track of your activities which is great for making sure you don’t miss that important meeting.

Meetings can often overrun, not achieve anything and generally waste a lot of peoples time if they aren’t managed properly. WorkLife aims to streamline your meetings allowing all the information and talking points generated to be captured in one place and easily shared. Create meetings, record discussions, create action points, take note of open issues and even take group or individual notes.

Talking Points
Have you got a presentation coming up? Presenting can often be a tightrope walking exercise where one minute you look like Tony Robbins and the next you sound like Mr Blobby having a stroke. Being prepared is obviously key, TalkingPoints is a free app which lets you create a list of talking points for your presentation so you don’t forget anything. It won’t present for you but does enable you to cover all the content you intended to when you practising in front of the mirror.

Anywhere Pad
Hate the reams of notepaper you have to lug into your meetings? Anywhere Pad facilitates paperless meetings and syncs with the sites cloud based document and management portal which allows users to schedule, invite participants, prepare agendas and archive documents. Updating meeting documents is easy as it all sits in the cloud and you don’t have to constantly notify your colleagues every time something changes. The app and service also go beyond meetings to facilitate training, collaboration and other enterprise-wide activities.

Less Meeting
Do you often find your meetings end up where you didn’t expect? Find it tough to stay on track? Less Meeting integrates meetings with calendars, notes and to-do lists, and it also offers a variety of task-oriented tools that help you to stay on-track so you don’t wonder off and start talking about the last night’s football game. It also allows users to capture meeting minutes.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine