eBay Active on O2

Fancy being able to bid on that ‘priceless’ Evel Knievel toy you used to have as a kid whilst in the pub, or selling your dusty mountain bike that you used only once, from the comfort of your sofa? Users of  O2’s Active service will now be able to do just that.

As of last week O2 Active subscribers were able to login to the auction site, search, bid, and keep a close watch on items they are selling or considering parting with their hard-earned cash  for.
Although eBay has been available on i-mode for the past 8 months, it is the first time the auction site will accessible through the main O2 mobile portal.
Simon Dean, O2 general manager of content said: "Our experience with eBay on i-mode has shown us there is a really strong demand for it from our customers who really want to engage with these types of services."
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