emoze Showdown with BlackBerry

emoze was victorious in the mobile push email showdown with BlackBerry at 3GSM – predictably enough, since the emoze people organised it.

emoze is a downloadable client that works on any compatible phone and with any data package from a mobile operator. Download, registration and use of emoze are all free for the individual user.

So at 3GSM a BlackBerry user did battle with an emoze user, sending an email on the same account and at the same time. The emoze email appeared in the recipient’s inbox first.

Why? Well, there’s obviously a server overhead for BlackBerry; and emoze synchronises only on incoming and outgoing events, rather than via periodic connections to check for changes.

A bit of a silly demonstration, but if you don’t need bulletproof email and you’d rather have a choice of handset and you want to save money it’s well worth visiting www.emoze.com

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