Euro iPhone Deals Signed

Apple has apparently signed deals with three networks in Europe to offer the iPhone, in return for 10% of all voice and data revenue generated by the handset.
T-mobile in Germany, Orange in France, and O2 here in Blighty have all signed deals with Apple giving them the exclusive on the iPhone in their respective countries. Exclusivity comes at a price and the networks have agreed to give Apple 10% of the revenue they generate from the sale of voice and data services for the device, according to the Financial Times, which cited sources ‘familiar with the situation’.

Both Peter Erskine of O2, and Deutsche Telekom’s Hamid Akhavan have supposedly tried to speak to Apple CEO Steve Jobs personally to negotiate the contracts.

Apple has had the upper hand in negotiations, as networks want to benefit from an image boost from the deals, as well as encouraging high-spending customers. Apple has demanded that the iPhone not be subsidised, ensuring the iPhone is low-risk for the networks.

None of the networks are commenting on the news, and it seems that everyone is keeping schtum until Apple  announce the deal officially at the IFA international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin next week.

There’s no news as to whether the Euro-iPhone will have 3G, which would be a bit of a problem for O2 if it didn’t as they paid £4.03bn for their license and are yet to see any real rewards.

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