Europe Gets Better iPhone

Rumours have been running amok that the Euro-iPhone will be tonnes better than its American counterpart. A leaked T-Mobile print advert from the Germans seems to finally confirm this.
Everyone in Europe who has been awaiting the arrival of the iPhone to the continent has been wishing for a better version than the yank’s, with a bigger memory and faster speeds.

It looks as if their dreams may have come true.

Nerds on the interweb have supposedly stumbled upon a draft of a print advert for T-Mobile Germany, advertising the new Euro-iPhone.

The advert claims our version will have 16gb of memory and a 3G UMTS/HSDPA connection for 499 Euros (£340) and will be available from November 12th.

An "L" plan would offer 200 minutes and 100 messages for 50 Euros (£35) per month; "XL" and "XXL" plans would jump to 300 and 400 minutes respectively for 60 Euros (£40) and 70 Euros (£48) per month with 150 and 200 messages each.

An indication this could be true is the fact that Apple have a lot of 16gb NAND flash memory, but this could just be for the new iPod Touch. However, they have slashed the price of the 8gb model meaning this would sit nicely above.

Admittedly, it wouldn’t be too difficult to knock together an advert purporting to be from T-Mobile, a five minute job. There is a glaring mention of the handset being the "Apple iPod 16 GB", but if this was a hoax, you’d think they’d have paid more attention.

Another pointer that this may be a fake is an internal memo sent out by O2 confirming they are "enhancing" their GPRS service with EDGE offering speeds to typically 80-100kbps.

Not the 3.6 MBmit/s iPhone fanciers are after then.

As with all the rumours, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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