Every girls new best friend

BenQ Mobile is getting rather good at this targeted-market thing. It’s come up with the successor to the CL75 Poppy, again the work of an all-female team of designers tasked with ensuring that the EF61 Mia Special Edition will be every girl’s new best friend.The phone combines a reasonable mix of mobile features – 1.3mp camera, microSD slot with a 64Mb memory card provided, MP3 player – with some very girly extras.

The matching headset comes in colour co-ordinated powder blue, there’s an integrated makeup mirror, and on board is the ‘Pout: Five Minutes to Fabulousness’ Java app for makeup tips (it’s being associated with make-up brand Pout). Also included is a “stunning” leather charm accessory and a slinky satin pouch. The EF61 Mia Special Edition should be available next month at a target PAYG price around £100.

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