eXpansys VoIP

UK online gadget store eXpansys has launched its own VoIP service in conjunction with Truphone, and will pre-install the software on every Wi-Fi enabled Nokia.
The own eXpansys branded ‘Voice over IP’ service will enable users of selected Nokia phones to make low-cost calls over the Internet when connected via Wi-Fi.

Truphone have not had much luck with Nokias in the past. Back in April it was discovered that both Vodafone and Orange had disabled a part of the N95 which made it capable of using 3rd-party VoIP software.

Truphone, who develop VoIP applications for mobile phones discovered that even after a supposed successful install of their software to an Orange locked N95, it still wasn’t able to make internet calls.

eXpansys UK will now ship every compatible Nokia phone with a pre-installed eXpansys VoIP software client and instructions on how to install the software.

The decision to register the service is entirely up to the customer, eXpansys simply inform them that the phone they’ve just bought has eXpansys VoIP capabilities and they are encouraged to try the service. If customers are interested, they have the choice to register/fully install the eXpansys VoIP software and create their user account. They can then log into their online account to top-up (as this is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service), check the account balance and submit support requests.

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