Exploding Motorola?

A man dies after having a Motorola device suddenly explode in his shirt pocket, Motorola are quick to question whether genuine accessories were responsible.

Chinas state news agency reports that a Chinese welder died of severe chest injuries following the explosion of a Motorola mobile phone, which was in is shirt pocket.

Xiao Jinpeng, a welder at Yingpan Iron Ore Dressing Plant in China died last month after medical services were unable to stabilise his injuries which included shards of the Motorola piercing his heart as well as several broken ribs.

Motorola’s press department have been quick to question whether the device was genuine or if a counterfeit battery was being used –

A Beijing spokesman for Motorola said it was "highly unlikely" that the device was to blame and "questioned whether the man was using a fake Motorola cell phone or battery".

Motorola’s Yang Boning added: "We are aware of an accident that occurred in Gansu at a welding operation. Up to now, preliminary evidence suggests it is highly unlikely that a cell phone caused this accident. We are working with the Chinese authorities to determine and investigate the root cause."

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