Fantasy Football – Week 7

With a slow week in the football front, Mobile Business takes a look at some of the names of both teams and players, and wonders "What were they thinking?!"

Still at the top of the table is Ace999, but don’t worry folks the MB Webmonkeys have cut that down to 25 points, and we predict the soccer loving simians to hit top spot within three weeks (we also predict tonight’s lottery will be won by either a man… or a woman).

Other movers and shakers include Mike Gilmour’s AFC Gilmour jumping from 8th place to third, and Paul Leonard’s Sprintspurs moving from 20th to 15th. Also, following last week’s mention, Phil Lancake’s Phones 4 United have dropped 14 places from joint 9th to 23rd.

So, with nothing exciting happening in the table, we step outside the box and look at the table… albeit the names not the scores.

Team names range from the confused; David Louis’s "Webb Ellis Triers" (Webb Ellis make rugby balls), to the naive; Chris H’s "I believe in Angels" and everything in between.

Stuart Connellan suffers from wishful thinking with his team "And the Winner is" and  Geoff Coe’s "Eximedia Exocets" have been shooting up the table like a dud.

Greg Wallace has tried to show off his footballing knowledge by naming his team "Gamst Left Boot", a reference to Morten Gamst Pedersen, the Norweigan international who plays for Blackburn and also has popstar pretensions following his single release ‘This is for Real’ (maybe he dreams of one day being a Galactico).

We also have some famous contenders for the Mobile Business fantasy football trophy.

Sara Cox of Radio 1 fame currently sits in 31st with her team "The Girlie Show" a reference to the Friday night television programme that soared the bum-chinned blonde into the limelight.

"Nemesis Chancers" is managed by ex-England coach Terry Venables. The Webmonkeys are finally justified in shouting that they could do better at the TV as good old Tel only sits in 7th position.

You fantasy football fans are also a little bit rude. Ben Taylor’s "Felching Flouncers" brings very odd visions to the mind, and caused us to reach for a copy of Bambi to put the image out of our heads.

Best of all has to be Alison Burke’s choice of team name. She had obviously had a few too many Lambrinis and came up with "orange u glad im bum".  Other than the fact it doesn’t make any grammatical sense, she also seems to have lost all ability to use punctuation and capital letters. So Alison, tell us what you’re going on about and comment below (leave the cheap fizz in the fridge though).

This week’s standings:

# Team Manager Gameweek Total
1 ace999 – chatterbox Nishil Patel 30 355
2 Web Development Team 37 330
3 AFC Gilmour Mike Gilmour 50 324
4 Back2Back Champs FC Paul Llewellyn 35 319
5 Beerpigs Thornetv 11 Glynn Hemingway 27 314
6 Ballbenders United Jamie Bryant 29 309
7 Nemesis Chancers Terry Venables 43 309
8 SportingOrangeToupee Adrian Henderson 34 308
9 Webb Ellis Triers David Louis 37 308
10 mainline rams return Nathan Wayne 46 307
11 MobileB Masters Don Macinnes 36 305
12 Forest Fire Mainline Lee Dunstan 42 298
13 Stretford Enders Dan Mellett 32 296
14 Orange Balls FC Daryl Dodds 39 294
15 Team sheep – Anglia nick bendall 36 292
16 The Tickled Rats FC zac wharton 33 291
17 i believe in angels chris h 28 291
18 irish facial michael white 51 289
19 And the winner is… Stuart Connellan 51 288
20 sprintspurs paul leonard 25 284
21 Eximedia Exocets Geoff Coe 33 283
22 Cambell’s Kids chris pearson 33 281
23 Phones 4 United Phil Lancake 30 279
24 mainline munchies toni proverbs 32 276
25 alfies HS reds dave wegoda 25 274
26 Mainline Whizzers Andrew Boden 36 273
27 MCC Matthew Brewster 40 263
28 Real Dextra Paddy Brennan 30 261
29 goodfellas troy clements 36 261
30 OU Conference Champs Tom Popple 40 260
31 The Girlie Show Sara Cox 51 256
32 If only JEN MONAGHAN 30 255
33 Beefy’s Boys Steve Gray 36 255
34 Gamst Left Boot Greg Wallace 36 254
35 mekschlong emeka njodi 47 251
36 Orangetina Stephen Middleton 45 250
37 Felching Flouncers Ben Taylor 31 246
38 mainlines kerrys kerry stone 31 245
38 Mainline Owl DAVID GARB 26 245
40 good mornin mainline Jamie Coxall 52 245
41 MB Print Sales Print Sales 23 242
42 orange u glad im bum alison burke 31 239
43 The Fatdads Julien Cozens 38 233
44 Athletico Danny Danny Lack 34 232
45 Clockwork Orange Yvonne Culshaw 24 228
46 Classie Nemesis Tony Adams 31 222
47 ColumbusTelecom Jason George 39 222
48 Header Chris Jones 43 204
49 nemesis reserves steve simpson 38 173
50 Never Blue Teresa Warwick 22 165


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