First GPS for Women launches

Mio Technology just announced the launch of the Mio H610, the first GPS device designed especially for women. With a 2.7 inch touch screen and interchangeable covers the H610 hopes to take GPS out of the car and into the handbag.

It provides users with full GPS and multi-media player functionality including games to help users pass the time and comes in the sleek form of what Mio describe as a ‘must-have fashion accessory’.

The H610 was recently awarded an International Design prize by the iF Design Committee, China. It’s both stylish and lightweight and can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. It fits easily into handbags or pockets for easy portability. But the H610 isn’t just a pretty face; it also comes with maps of 24 European countries pre-installed and over 1.8 million points of interest provided by Tele Atlas.

In addition to traditional GPS software, the H610 also has WorldMate software pre-installed which provides information on weather, currency conversion, measurements, dialling codes and as importantly clothing size conversions to take the stress out of travelling to an unknown destination and to facilitate more effective shopping abroad! 

"Exceptional functionality is no longer the only driver behind the purchase decision especially with such an important target group as women. So at Mio we’ve responded to this trend by designing something that women actually wanted to be seen carrying." said Leo Exter, Marketing Manager, Mio Technology Europe.

As well as its GPS features, the H610 comes with 1GB of storage space for photos, mp3s or movies, the SD card slot allows further media content and maps to be added. In addition, Microsoft Outlook Synchronisation provides a resource for keeping in contact with friends and family. 

The H610 is priced at £279.99 and will be available in retail outlets in mid-November. Accessories provided in the box include both an AC and an in car-charger, USB Cable, carrying case, 2 replaceable covers, neck strap and wrist strap and for those who wish to use it in the car an easy to fix windscreen mount and device holder.

Mio has launched the H610 just in time for Christmas, hoping that it is the ultimate gadget gift for women although Mio’s strap line for the new product is a surprising – 

‘For women who know where they’re going but need a good looking assistant to help them get there’ – We guess that if they knew where they were going they wouldn’t need Sat-Nav???

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